Closet TLC Challenge: My Organized Closet!

tackle and lose clutter challenge

Today’s post is long overdue! I have wanted to share my closet for awhile, but it hasn’t been completely organized. I guess it took me moving to get my closet under control. My previous closet was organized, but I was having a hard time using every ounce of space that I had available. I think [...]

Teachers’ Halloween Goodies + Printable!

teachers halloween goodies header

Every holiday, I like to get Kate and Derrick’s teachers a little happy to show them how much we appreciate them. You might be asking if Derrick is in school. And, the answer would be, “no.” But, I consider daycare providers teachers as well. She has to maintain a group of kids all day long, [...]

My New Weekly Blog Planning Sheet!

weekly blog planning sheet header

Happy Tuesday! Last week, I gave y’all a behind the scenes look at the steps I take for a single blog post. In that post, I shared my weekly planning sheet. I mentioned that this sheet would be changing because I needed to tweak it a little bit. I still love this layout, but it [...]

Purse Organization + a Jo Totes Giveaway!

purse organization header

I have wanted to do this post for awhile, but I was waiting on the perfect time. I have told y’all many times in the past that I am a blog admirer. I have seen many of my favorite bloggers post about the contents of their handbags and have oohed and aahed every time. Why [...]

Behind the Scenes of a Single Blog Post!

behind the scenes of a single blog post

As I was planning my blog posts for the next couple of weeks, I realized I have never shared what goes on behind the scenes of a blog post. You know, what takes place for a single blog post to get published and made available to you guys. So, I am going to do my [...]

Closet TLC Challenge: The Coat Closet!

the gold project coat closet 7

Welcome to my sixth closet challenge post. If you missed the first 5 posts, please feel free to visit the links below: Quick Organizing Tips for Little to Zero Cash How this Challenge Came to Be Shoes Tops Bottoms & Dresses I know this is my second post of the week on the topic, but I [...]

Closet TLC Challenge: Bottoms & Dresses!

tackle and lose clutter challenge

Welcome to my fifth closet challenge post. If you missed the first 4 posts, please feel free to visit the links below: Quick Organizing Tips for Little to Zero Cash How this Challenge Came to Be Shoes Tops Today is all about how I store my bottoms and dresses. Just like my shoes and tops, I have [...]

My Media Kit!

media kit header

Behind the scenes of this little blog of mine, I am continuously doing research. I try my best to learn as much as I can about the blogging world. I am trying to create better images, content, and a solid brand.  Every single thing that goes on around this space has been thought out, evaluated, [...]

The 2014 Brewtiful Exchange!

brewtiful exchange

I am new to the world of online swaps, but I am truly fascinated and intrigued by them. So, I decided to sign up to participate in one. What is an online swap? It is where you are assigned a partner and you purchase awesome goodies for them based on a certain theme. You are [...]

A Little Update… Keeping it Real!!!

A Little Update Keeping it Real

Happy Friday, everyone! I am sure some of you may be wondering where all the posts have been lately. My posts have been few and far between since I announced my new blog name. And, I am here to explain today. I try my best to keep y’all updated on everything that is going on [...]