Our New Home Tour… Again!

new home tour

Y’all really didn’t think I was going to make y’all wait until January 9th did you? My excitement would’ve boiled completely over by then. Plus, we have signed the contract and the real estate agency has removed the listing off of their Website. So, I am crossing my fingers that we are good to go. […]

5 Ways I Make the Holidays Less Stressful!

5 ways I make the Holidays Less Stressful

Let me start this post by saying I do not do well under pressure. I have never been an individual that lived to procrastinate. It makes me nervous and gives me bad anxiety. When I am down to the last minute, my mind goes blank and it is almost like I can’t function. Hence the […]

Let’s Talk about the Pieces I Chairish!

Chairish intro

For today’s post, I am getting a little personal. I wanted to share some vintage furniture or pieces in my home that I “chairish.” These items include memorable items in my home that are dear to my heart. And, almost all of them came from my grandmother or “memaw.” As I sit here and write […]

Our 2014 Christmas Mantel & Tree!

2014 Christmas Mantel and Tree

I am going to be completely honest with y’all. I did not decorate a lot for Christmas this year. I didn’t even put ornaments on my tree. I feel bad about it, but I have a few good reasons behind my decision. #1 – We are moving! I really didn’t want to pull out all […]

Tool Fastener Storage!

Tool Fastener Storage

A couple of years ago, I shared how I stored my tool fasteners, which involved a clear storage tray with dividers. It can also be called a tackle box. At that time, it was a great way to store the small amount of fasteners we had at home. Fast forward two years and it now […]

Closet TLC Challenge: My Favorite Closet Organizing Products!

My Favorite Closet Organizing Products

Over the past couple of months, I have shared almost all of the closets in my house. And, after we move, I will be sharing more closets (insert smile). If you noticed, there are several products that are near and dear to my heart. I try to use them in a lot of my closets […]

Sometimes, When You Make Plans God Laughs!

Plans God Laughs

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a picture on my facebook page and Instagram feed that was pretty vague. The only information that I gave y’all was this… Sometimes, plans do not go as planned. We are experiencing this as we speak. Once again, God is present and letting his presence be known. So, […]

How I Plan to Use My Filofax!

How I Plan to Use My Filofax

Last week was Planner Week on the blog. I covered 4 different posts on the subject, but I felt I didn’t explain how I was going to use my new planner. And, frankly, that is pretty darn important! So, I have added a 5th post over my planner to share that info. If you missed […]

My 2014 Christmas/Birthday Wishlist!

Christmas Birthday list intro

My birthday and Christmas are exactly one week apart. I am a New Years baby; born on January 1st. So, I usually give my family a Christmas and birthday list together. This year, it was actually really hard to come up with a list for anyone. My wishlist gets shorter the older I get.  I […]

The 5 Reasons Why I Chose a Filofax!

Why I Chose a Filofax

I am sure you can tell that I am pretty excited about my new planner journey. This is my 4th planner post and I am adding one next week. I thought I was going to be able to cover everything in four posts, but then I realized I didn’t even share how I plan to […]