Blogging Basics: Photography!


Photography… Photography… Photography… What a tricky little beast you are. If there is one area that I feel I am always looking to improve, it is photography. It is by far the area that I do the most research in and it is the one that requires the most patience. When I take pictures for […]

9 Helpful Tips for Styling a Bookcase!

9 tips for styling a bookcase

Let me start this post by saying I am not an expert at styling a bookcase. It has definitely been a trial and error situation for me every time I have completed the project. But, I wanted to share some of the tips I have learned. It can definitely be overwhelming at first, especially if […]

Master Bathroom Storage!

Master Bathroom Storage

One of the downsides of the home we just purchased is the size of the master bathroom. The size itself isn’t bad, but the amount of storage that is offered is a lot less than our previous homes. If you take a look at the pictures, you probably think we have a huge linen closet […]

My New Mail System!

New Office Mail System

About a year ago, I gave y’all a glimpse of how I organize my mail at home. This included incoming and outgoing mail. It has changed a tad bit due to moving and I wanted to share it with y’all. Originally, I had my heart set on purchasing an Ikea Kvissle wall system for my […]

Blogging Basics: Layout and Design (Part 2)!

Layout & Design (Part 2)

Originally, I was going to cover layout and design in one post. Then, my post started getting a bit long, so I decided to spread it out over two posts. My first post covered your entire blog as a whole. This week, I will focus on more specific areas. Small areas that make a huge […]

Reorganizing Home Office Files!

Reorganizing Home Office Files

A year and a half ago, I shared how I organized the home office files for my family. It has been an extremely popular post and I liked the way it was organized, until it stopped working for us. So, why did it stop working? Well, Derrick got older and he needed file folders just […]

Under the Kitchen Sink Organization!

Under the Kitchen Sink Organization

I have wanted to share this post for a long time, but I could not seem to get the cabinet under my kitchen sink organized. We moved into our first home in Paragould and the cabinet was very oddly shaped. It had a lot of extra space that we could not fill because we could […]

Kitchen Tour!

The Kitchen Tour

A month after moving in, I finally have a room that is ready for y’all to see. Now, please note that I didn’t say, “finished.” This room is put together, but I definitely see some changes in the future. We would love to give his area some extra TLC (painting the cabinets, for instance), but […]

A Gymnastics Valentine’s Day Box!

Gymnastics Valentine's Day Box

About a month ago, I asked my daughter what she wanted her Valentine’s Day box to look like. She quickly told me that she wanted a gymnastics box. I thought I did good last year with the Frozen castle, but this seemed to be a little more complicating. I have been a girl that has […]

Blogging Basics: Layout and Design (Part 1)!

Layout & Design (Part 1)

So far, we have covered Finding Your Niche and The Editorial Calendar. Today, it is all about the appearance of your blog. If you follow many blogs, you will realize that there are MANY different ways you can lay out your blog. You can make it as high tech or as simple as you wish. […]