Blogging Basics: Finding Your Niche!

finding your niche intro

Based on the survey results I shared last week, several people indicated Blogging Basics would be a topic they would be interested in seeing. So, I wrote it down and decided to do a blog series over it. I understand that these posts may not be for everyone; a lot of you may have no […]

5 Tips to Help You Become More Organized!

5 tips to help you become more organized

Being organized does not come natural to everyone. And, some people may be really organized, but they have to work hard at it. And, then, if you are a parent, it seems like you can have the best intentions in the world, but your kiddos do not feel organizing is necessary. And, that brings on […]

DIY Storage: Coin Storage for the Little Ones!

coin storage for the little ones

Last week, I started the DIY Storage challenge with the box tops post. I say challenge because I am challenging myself to use empty bottles, containers, and boxes in my home as storage. I have a nice trashcan full of them at the moment. You can be organized and not have to spend a fortune […]

Our Living Room Gallery Wall!

living room gallery wall (2)

I must say, my excitement is boiling over today. This gallery wall is a year in the making. I was a little upset when we moved into the first home in Paragould and it didn’t have enough space in the living room for my gallery wall. I started working on our living room gallery wall […]

A Moving Meltdown!


Originally, I was going to do another Facebook how-to post today, but this post was screaming for me to write it instead. So, today, y’all are going to get a little wordy conversation on how things are going with moving. I have shown a few pictures on Instagram, but that is about it. And, I […]

How to Create an Interest Group on Facebook!

How to Create an Interest Group on Facebook

On Wednesday, I shared my blog survey results with y’all. I learned that Facebook is the most popular social media for my readers. But, here is the thing with Facebook… It is getting harder and harder for bloggers to reach their audience using it. Why? It has to do with Facebook’s settings. Honestly, I think […]

The Gold Project Survey Results!

Reader Survey

Thank you to everyone that took time out of their day to complete my survey. I greatly appreciate it. I didn’t have as many surveys completed as I wanted, but that is ok. With some social media outlets, like Facebook, sometimes y’all don’t see my posts as often as I would like. But, I got […]

DIY Storage: Box Tops!

DIY Storage: Box Tops

A few weeks ago, I brought a question to y’all on Instagram and facebook… Ever since that question, I have been saving boxes, jars, and containers and looking for different ways to use them around my house. Today, I am posting my first creation. My daughter’s primary school collects Box Tops. Box Tops are small […]

My Traveling Planner Accessories Pouch!

Traveling Planner Accessories Pouch

If you take a look at my blog posts from the past couple of months, you could probably see a trend. I have become obsessed with planners. I have used them for most of my life, but I never really thought anything about them. I just made sure I was prepared for assignments when I […]

Derrick’s “Big Boy” Room Inspiration & Storyboard!

Derrick's Room Inspiration Intro

Well, friends, it is almost that time… Almost time to switch little Derrick from a crib and to a big boy bed. Derrick will turn 2-years-old at the end of February, which makes this momma a little sad. I was shopping online the other day, looking for good deals on clothes for my kids, when […]