My Cleaning Tips!

Last week, I shared some of my top cleaning essentials
This weekend, it is all about the process…
I started on some cleaning projects around my house this past weekend. In my household, cleaning can refer to two things: dusting or cleaning-out. I haven’t gotten to the dusting stage. That will begin once school is out on Friday. But, I have started the “cleaning-out” part. Over time, cabinets, drawers, closets, pantries, etc. get filled with mess. It just happens! It doesn’t matter how nice you cleaned and organized it the first time around, you still have to continuously revisit it.
Through my years of cleaning, I have developed some tips that I “try” to follow. Some are easier than others, but I do know what I am supposed to be doing…
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You have to know where you are going in order to know what path to choose. Right?!?! Notice that I said the word “goals” and not “goal.” It is best to set several goals throughout the process. Smaller goals are more attainable and will keep you motivated to continue on. I HAVE to do this or I go insane. I will tell myself, “Today, my goal is to cleaning out the pantry.” Once that goal is reached, I can either relax for the rest of the day or set another goal. I actually have a sense of accomplishment more often using this method, which gets me pumped for my next goal.  
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The dust bunnies aren’t going anywhere. Believe me, if a magical cleaning fairy appeared at some point, I would definitely know about him or her. So, don’t bust your rear end trying to speed through the process. I have learned from experience that it only makes you mad, frustrated, and completely exhausted!
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Over the years, I have learned that taking breaks is a must! The times that I haven’t taken breaks, I have paid for it that evening and the next day. My feet will hurt, my back will ache, and sometimes, it even becomes hard to walk. I must confess that sometimes I do not clean in the best footwear. Maybe I should work on that a little!
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This is very very important! If you haven’t dusted for awhile and try to use the same rag for the entire house, you are wasting your time. After awhile, all you are doing is smearing the dust all over your furniture. Sad, but true!!! I usually try to use a rag for the fans, and then, a rag for each room in my house unless a room is extra dirty, then I may end up using two rags per room.
Now, to the bathrooms and kitchen… Same thing applies to these rooms. At some point, you are just smearing dirty water or a dirt/cleaner mixture on your counters, tubs, sinks, etc. Don’t forget to use separate rags/sponges for your toilets. You sure don’t want toilet water in your tub. ; ) 
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This is probably my biggest weakness! I have trouble asking for help in all areas of my life. But, especially when it comes to cleaning. I get to a point where I feel like the dust is piling up around me (remember, I am OCD) and sometimes it doesn’t bother my husband as bad. So, I have a hard time asking him to spend his “extra” time helping me clean the toilets. LOL!!! He would definitely help if I asked, but I just have a hard time asking. I am sure other ladies can relate.
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Music helps everything go by faster. Right?!?! Why not attempt to enjoy the cleaning process by listening to your favorite songs. Hey! It may even get you in the cleaning mood. It definitely won’t hurt.
I hope you find these tips helpful! I will definitely keep them in mind when I begin my dusting portion of my cleaning adventure next week.   


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